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About Amoneta Diagnostics

We aim to revolutionize neurodegenerative disease detection by offering minimally invasive, cost-effective, and highly sensitive biomarker assays.

Charting a New Course in Alzheimer's Prevention: The Power of Early Detection

Alzheimer’s Disease is a heavy social and economical burden for developed countries and will soon become as problematic for rapidly growing economies. Since this disease is related to aging its occurrence increases with life expectancy.

Tackling Alzheimer's: A Vision for Early Diagnosis and Efficient Treatment

The initial phase of the disease is generally slow leading to progressive cognitive decline. Using biological tests for diagnosis before pathological clinical symptoms would support an early treatment, which consequently would be more efficient. This represents one of the most promising tracks against Alzheimer’s disease.

Amoneta Diagnostics has obtained reliable clinical results in sensitivity and specificity, for a blood diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis

In this context, Amoneta Diagnostics is a biotech company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative biomarkers for the early and accurate diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Disease. These biomarkers not only enable early disease detection but also facilitate disease monitoring and personalized treatment strategies, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of neurology.

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Amoneta offers a comprehensive library of samples for your projects such as WB, plasma, serum, urine, DNA, RNA and CSF from healthy subjects and subjects with NDs.


Amoneta is developing projects to find new tools and is involved in international projects aiming to make new discoveries in neurosciences.


Amoneta is offering new solutions in neurological diseases which will make a revolution in patients care and lead to precision medicine.