MemoryLinc® : ncRNA multiplex RT-qPCR IVD assay kit

Features and benefits

First in class test

for the measurement of microRNAs in peripheral blood & plasma.

ncRNA biomarkers

for the diagnostic of MCI, early Alzheimer's and other dementia types.

Investigation of a novel class

of therapeutic targets.

Direct insight of brain condition

using blood without needing brain biopsies.

Memorylinc® is a first-in-class blood test leveraging neurodegenerative ncRNA biomarkers

crafted in a high-quality setting and leading to highly reproducible results that can be used to diagnose Alzheimer's at an early stage.

Simplified workflow

Sample Preparation

RNA extraction


Data analysis

our expert in the lab
our expert using the kit in our labs

Optimize your biomarker projects and development programs

From concept to regulatory qualification, with significant experience in each step, we provide steadfast support across diverse areas

Design of biomarker program

and analytical development

Planning and study design

Development of SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures

Regulatory support

preparing dossiers and opinion meeting

Biomarker regulatory qualification

for IVD development

We are committed to improve disease outcome, therapeutic decisions and generate savings in healthcare

through biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification.