NeuroDeGene® : DNA-targeted sequencing panel for the detection of SNPs and INDELS associated with NDs.

variants across 19 diseases

focusing particularly on non-coding variants.

good quality genotypes

obtained with NeuroDeGene® compared to 94.4% with Whole-Genome-Sequencing.


for which NeuroDeGene® provides increased median coverage.

Simplified workflow

Genomic DNA (gDNA) library preparation
Targeted DNA enrichment
Paired end sequencing using Illumina's cutting-edge sequencing platforms in-house
Alignment on human genome reference
Variant detection (SNVs, INDELs)
Our lab experts performing lab experiments
Our lab experts performing lab experiments

An innovative precision medicine tool for risk prediction of 19 NDs

NeuroDeGene® stands as an invaluable tool for Neurodegenerative Disease diagnosis, prognostic applications and for supporting clinical trials.

We are committed to improve disease outcome, therapeutic decisions and generate savings in healthcare

through biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification.