Senior Scientist

Dr. Miguel Casanova is a senior scientist, with a vast international experience in scientific projects. After his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the Imperial College of London, he pursued a career with a particular focus on chromatin and epigenetics.
In 2009, he joined the Institute Curie in Paris, where he contributed to pioneering work describing the role of non-coding transcripts.
In 2014, he moved to the Epigenetics & Cell Fate unit in Paris, where he led a team to continue the same thematic.
His projects activities led to the publication of numerous projects articles published in highly prestigious journals.

Miguel is particularly interested in using computational biology tools to uncover the role of the non-coding fraction of the genome in the pathophysiological aspects of human biology.

He joined Amoneta Diagnostics in 2023 to bring his expertise in developing tools for neurological disease care.