NeuroLINCs : Non-invasive IVD test measuring brain-enriched lncRNAs specific to NDs.

Features and benefits

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NeuroLINCs provides first class results

to the final users and opens new horizons to future therapeutics and precision medicine tools for key applications including diagnostics to detect early cognitive impairment and dementia, as well as drug development.

Simplified workflow

Non-invasively collected samples to investigate lncRNAs.
PAXgene, plasma, brain tissue, PBMCs already validated.
Excellent analytical performance with high reproducibility of the results.
High sensitivity with 5930 lncRNAs detected in PAXgene and 3166 in Plasma over a total of 7494 lncRNAs.

Sample Preparation

Total RNA Extraction

Library Preparation

lncRNAs Capture


using Illumina's cutting-edge NGS platforms

Data analysis

the NeuroLINCs kit
the NeuroLINCs kit

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Biomarker design

and analytical validation

Planning and study design

Development of SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures

Regulatory support

preparing dossiers and opinion meeting

Biomarker regulatory qualification

for IVD development

We are committed to improve disease outcome, therapeutic decisions and generate savings in healthcare

through biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification.