driving progress in Neurodegenerative Disease diagnosis

A comprehensive portfolio of impactful projects dedicated to advance neurodegenerative disease diagnosis. From pioneering projects to innovative technologies, discover how Amoneta Diagnostics is shaping the future of healthcare.

Biomarker qualification and Neurodegenerative disease diagnosis

Amoneta Diagnostics manages industrial test development and will apply its methods to the detection of other neurodegenerative diseases.


Amoneta Diagnostics collaborates with a wide range of international clinical and projects centers specialized in Neurodegenerative Diseases and working towards developing advanced treatments.

LAB experts

Amoneta Diagnostics is composed of a team of qualified scientists, continiously implementing and training on cutting-edge technologies, to offer the best diagnostic tools for patients.




Amoneta Diagnostics has actively engaged in numerous projects within the critical field of neurodegenerative diseases, advancing projects and detection capabilities.


is a pioneering project aimed at revolutionizing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and neurodegenerative diseases diagnosis through the development and validation of a novel peripheral blood diagnostic biomarker kit. Spearheaded by Amoneta Diagnostics, ADDIA seeks to address the urgent need for fast, simple, and accurate diagnostic tools for AD. Part of the ADDIA dataset is now available on the AD Workbench.


is a clinical study coordinated by Amoneta Diagnostics that collected blood, CSF and urine samples among Alzheimer's disease (AD) and healthy patients in order to develop new diagnostic tools.
The IVD products developped thanks to the ADKIT project will help in AD patients care and management.


is a project financed by the EU commission that is focused on the discovery of new biomarkers related to Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Thanks to the biological samples collected during the ADCHIP project, new accurate diagnostic tests will be available on the market as an aid for clinicians to identify AD patients.


The ADDIA dataset, now available on the AD Workbench, will empower projectsers to unlock new insights, fostering progress in diagnosis and understanding of various forms of dementia. This collaboration between Amoneta Diagnostics and the AD Data Initiative underscores a shared commitment to advance ADRD data sharing, projects, and diagnostics.

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